Nardi’s history is composed of a constant and continuous series of innovations that stretches along as much as 120 years. It began in 1895 with the first reversible plough sold by the founder, Francesco Nardi, up to the last product of catalogue. A special designed plough to fight desertification all over the world.

A cultural evolution with a local perspective then launched Nardi on the international stage and the Group accepted the challenges involved in this new perspective, also in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The factory, established in Selci Lama (Perugia) – Italy, extends over a surface of 45,000 covered square meters and at the same time it is also endowed with large tracts of lands both on the hills and in the planes where trials and tests of equipment are continuously carried out for the benefit of all customers.

After achieving this leadership in its domestic market, the growth of our commercial activities has been a closely spaced succession of strategic international steps: Nardi first landed in Libya in 1930 and then began to operate in Somalia (1936), Albania (1938), USSR (1958), Yugoslavia (1958), Greece (1960), Zaire (1965), Hungary (1968), Egypt (1970), Tanzania (1971), Tunisia (1972), Iraq (1976), Nigeria (1978), Ethiopia (1985), Morocco (1988), China, Peru and Nicaragua (1989). Finally, Nardi set up a series of important projects in China (2008), Iraq (2009), Afghanistan (2010) and Angola (2012) Georgia (2013), Sudan (2015), Eritrea (2018).

Being in a state of continuous development, NARDI can be considered nowadays as one of the biggest producer in Italy specialized in agricultural implements and machines
Today Nardi operates in more than 100 countries in the world with an increased attention on new technologies at the service of pro-users and after sales services.

“Implements for professional farming” is the catchphrase that has been with us for years now with a product range wider every day; from ploughs to boom sprayers, cultivators disc harrow, disc ploughs fertilizer spreader, rotary hoes and seed drill…
We have in Italy and all over the world a widespread network of authorized dealers. This could provide after-sales service and spareparts in real-time.

Our corporate mission is based on five goals
– Constantly focus on providing increasingly appropriate and high quality agricultural implements
– Cut costs for farmers by meeting their needs through improved levels of equipment efficiency
– Open the way to new generations by creating new jobs and increasing their professionalism
– Contribute to the economic improvement and social conditions of the countries in which Nardi operates
– To have an ethical and social spirit in the search for sustainable global development (i.e. Combat desertification in the world thanks to the patented Dolphin plough, in line with an increasing attention to environmental sustainability issues)


In order to increase the efficiency of our machines, our Research & Development team (NARDI LAB) is constantly experimenting with new agronomic practices, flanking them with the use of new and increasingly performing materials of the latest generation, in order to improve the quality and performance of our products.

Today, Nardi’s product range is among the most complete available on the market, from soil preparation to crop protection: ploughs, disc harrows, simple and combined cultivators, tillers, seed drills, fertilizer spreaders, mist blower and boom sprayers.